Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

11 Jun

In the simplest words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indispensable for business corporations and organizations to get noticed. It is owing to the reason that presence over the Internet has gained augmented popularity over the past years. So, it has become the success determinant factor for business sustainability.

Search engines help the people to find optimized information over the Internet. The SEO is used to list the website to get into the search for optimized content to quest the knowledge thirst of the people.

In this way, SEO enables the organizations to master the skills of directing more and more audience to their websites. Therefore, special attention is paid to make websites optimized for eminent search engines.

Biggest Mistakes in SEO which are Detrimental to your Business

Owing to the significance and scope of SEO, business organizations seek assistance from premium SEO services Dubai. In fact, SEO is all about strategy and adaptation.

However, any mistake in misunderstanding the requirements, latest trends, Google SEO policies, and algorithms can cause havoc. Therefore, SEO professional must avoid the following mistake to list their websites in the top rankings of search engines especially the Google.

Not Considering SEO Strategy from the Start

No doubt, the glam, glitz and glorious website designs make it worth million dollars. But, ignoring SEO plan can make it perish altogether. 

It can be understood from the famous saying that:

“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google”

It means that if you don’t consider SEO from the first day of your presence on the Internet, it will become extremely difficult to get into notice in the later years. 

So, don’t make this mistake ever.  You must ensure that the newly designed website is completely resonated with the targeted audience. Not only this, the SEO strategy should be fully ingrained in website design.

Not Analyzing the Design and Content of Existing Website 

If you already have a website and seeking for comprehensive SEO, you must take a proper audit of the website. Ignoring this factor can deteriorate the whole SEO strategy.

It is imperative to take a SWOT analysis of the website while keeping latest SEO requirements in mind. Consider the following elements while assessment:

  • Targeted Audience
  • Number of organic and inorganic visits on the average basis
  • The relevance of content with targeted keywords and keywords ranking
  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of indexed pages

Hopefully, you will have a master document for the progress of your website which helps you understand the present web status in detail. Even if you don’t have, you may consult eminent SEO services providers Dubai to get an updated analysis report.

Not have a Focused Keyword Strategy

The main objective of SEO is to make your website easier to be searched by the users. Therefore, keyword strategy is very important. 

So, never make a mistake of ignoring keywords in any case. You must have a workable detail of the keywords keeping the competition, searches, demography and related factors in mind.

Excessive Optimization of Website especially Keywords

It is imperative to have a comprehensive, solid and workable strategy to deal with the keywords. Any loophole in the selection and placement of keywords can hinder the success.

Therefore, excessive optimization of keywords will compromise the quality of content. It is usually known as keyword stuffing where the concept of writing is not to provide information but keywords embedding.

You must avoid this practice to ensure a strong search engine optimization for your website.

Irrelevant Keywords Optimization

Selection, placement and targeting the sufficient numbers of keywords is the key to success. Further, optimization of irrelevant keywords is a potential factor in the failure of SEO strategy.

Therefore, always consider a compact plan for SEO based on the most relevant keywords. It will help you to get organic traffic, better visits, & user engagement.


Plagiarism is, in fact, the assassination of the content. Your content on the website should be the direct result of creative writing and innovative minds. Never use the copied material from other websites because Google has a strict algorithm to check uniqueness of the content presented to the users.

Plagiarism cause to weaken the authenticity of the website and it’s a major mistake done by inefficient and ignorant SEO experts. So, offer your targeted audience with the best piece of written material, audios, videos and other types of content.

Takes Away

To sum up, considering a helping hand from professionally expert SEO services providers in Dubai ensures the best practices to get your website ranked optimally.

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