What Makes A Website Design Distinctive

13 Jul

Whenever you open any site what is the first thing you ever noticed? It’s the design of the website!!

Once you have a website, you cannot just leave on its own. Over the years website design has gained popularity regarding its features and its development in the design structure. Previously static websites designs were showing the stationary view of web pages.

Website design is an online identity of your business and gives people a perspective of business. In this era of increasing technology and access to anything online on the fingertips, web design and its usability has become a preference because it is the starting point of any business and also act as a marketing strategy.

Dubai website design has taken the role of designing according to the goals and objectives of the company as well as aligning with the services that are being provided. Whenever you scroll several websites, there are few sites which you will find really creative and catch your attention right away. That is because the website is designed professionally and thoughtfully. 

If anyone visits your website and is not able to find their way on the site then it is not user-friendly. When designing a website, there are two options you can go for,

  • Choose a template
  • Design your own site

When choosing a template, it is essential to understand that the template should align with the content and overall theme of the business. Think about how the template would fit in with the design you have thought off initially.

When the content or initial thought process does not align with the template, then it is time to create your own site from scratch. It is evident that when you create something from scratch, then it is going to take more time and skills.

The market demands to have a website design which is user-friendly, dynamic, creative and incorporate the latest technology and advancement.

There are some good website characteristics which make them exceptional:


This is one of the most crucial characteristic of a website which means that the font size, style and color should be consistent. No one is there on the site to explore different font size but rather in search of some kind of information. 

If they get stuck in different page outlooks or font, then they better move to the next option. You might not be aware, but your website color, font style, and different tabs, as well as the tone of the text, are the elements of online branding. 

You have to get all these elements right on point for the sake of your business. If you look at the design created by Dubai website designers, then you will realize that consistency is the baseline.

Usability and information flow:

At times you land up on websites where the information is just thrown at the site even when it does not make sense. People just want to fill the website with random information, but this is going to be harmful to your business.

If the potential customer cannot comprehend or find the information they are looking for, then your website is useless for them. Be mindful that anyone who visits your site is going to judge it in the first two second and if they do not find it relevant they will just leave.

Elegant yet straightforward should be the key considerations. This means you have to ensure that a website should be able to follow the natural behavior of the reader and if your website content is jargon, then the reader will be lost.

Easy structure and navigation:

In this way, there are going to be a number of pages which the user is going to switch in between. So if the pages are cluttered, then it is going to make it difficult for someone who is looking for simple answers to the information they are looking for.

Great websites are the one which does not have deep or extremely complex pages, and Dubai web designing companies can create the easy structure of the websites based on your goals and content. Use of logical flow can make the moving around through the website easy.

In short, follow the above mentioned simple rules and there you have the exception website design or employ an expert to do so for you.

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