Privacy Policy

As a blog owners that remains young at heart and operates internationally, we have decided to address users directly as "you" and hope that this is okay. We would like to give you an overview of how we collect, store, process, share, and transmit personal data when you visit this blog

The policies published here are intended solely to provide you with information about our privacy practices and to show you what privacy options are available when you use our blog. The legal basis for this privacy policy is the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the Telemedia Act (TMG), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data that we collect: 

We may collect and store personal information about you when you visit our site.

The information we collect from visitors includes:

Comments on our blog articles: when visitors leave comments about individual blog posts, we store the time and that person's IP address in addition to the comment. This is for your own safety, in case written comments contain content which could have legal consequences (e.g. insult, slander, forbidden political propaganda, etc.). In these cases, we reserve the right to use the stored data to seek criminal prosecution, naturally taking into account the relevant laws and regulations.

Communication with us: as a visitor, you can contact us at any time using a contact form or by sending us an email. The data transmitted to us is stored centrally in an inbox to which support staff have access.

After answering your query, the response(s) and the original message(s) are archived and processed in accordance with the legal regulations.

Content from messages and emails sent to us subsequently used for training, support, etc., is entered anonymously into a support database without any personally identifiable data and will help us improve and optimize our service and support.

By submitting a form or email, visitors confirm that they are aware of and agrees to this privacy policy. A reminder of the same can be found near every option for contacting us.

End Note:

Your data will never be shared and sold to any third party. All data that we collect remains in our possession and is treated and deleted in accordance with legal regulations. Personal data will not be passed on without your consent.

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